2022September 30, 2010 : Gray hair dye design color

2022年8月24日 : Highlight Color

2022年8月9日 : Lesson scenery! Tanimachi 6-chome

2022August 7 - : Because it is the age of masks! Tanimachi 6-chome

2022年7月29日 : Summer Shampoo Treatment



It is a beauty salon of [Tanicho 6-chome, Kawachinagano, Mikunigaoka, Abiko, Kongo].
Hair&Total beauty makeup, beauty with many repeat customers!
We help bring out the charm did not notice my careful counseling become your ideal hairstyles, ♪ wants style and hair problems, please feel free to consult.

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Finished in great hairstyle, hairstyle, styling bringing the voice of the majority, they offered me advice about!
Voice your pleasure from your esteemed UE2 actually asked, let me introduce our we. Our salon when the practitioner reference!

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Voice of the customer